12Blocks and Arduino

12Blocks is a powerful visual IDE that now supports the Arduino in addition to many other hardware platforms like Lego NXT, Basic Stamp 2, Parallax Propeller and the Cogmation simulator.

For Arduino it offers super simple multi-threading and powerful debugging tools- including stepping through code one line at a time as well as real-time graphs of variable values.  The program uses standard Arduino boards with no modification to the bootloader.

Getting Started Guide

Tutorial (contributed by Mark Beckett)

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10 thoughts on “12Blocks and Arduino

  1. I do not see the Arduino Mega board in the device manager. Is it supported or how can I add it?


    Tim Briggs

    • Hi Tim!
      12Blocks currently supports the BT, Duemilanove, Fio, Lilypad, Mega2560, Nano and Uno. Were you looking for Mega support for the 2560 chip? I’ll look into adding support for the 1280 next.

    • To import an Arduino library:
      - open the worksheet into which you want to import the code
      - make sure you’ve selected “Arduino” as your library
      - click “File>Import Blocks”
      - select the “.h” header file for the code you want to import
      - blocks for the public functions will be in the “functions” section of the library

    • Ah, that would explain it. At first I couldn’t get it to work, but I realized I was using version 2.5x instead of the most current 2.7x version of 12blocks. Yep, it imports everything nicely. :D

  2. Hi Hanno
    Its good to talk to you again. I am trying to interface an I2c display using 12blocks for arduino mega and cannot understand how to set ie up with pins. Could you point me in the right direction? I read that you were working on implementing i2c for 12Blocks but have not been able to find any information. Any help is appreciated.
    Your Friend
    Ken Meredith

  3. Just purchased 12Blocks to use with Arduino and still exploring but the first thing that confuses me is the “view code” feature. I expected to see a text representation of the selected blocks but there is a whole lot of other code mixed in with my blocks (nothing like Arduino IDE listing). Unfortunately the trial did not allow the use of this feature. Any comments?

    • Please download the latest version- v2.97
      That version provides a new interface for “view code”. Code for all platforms (Arduino, Aseba, BS2, NXT, Propeller, PICAXE) is shown in a tabbed, syntax-highlight-enabled editor in the platform’s native language when you press “view: code”. You can make even make changes in that code and press “run” to run your edited code. To switch back to the block view press menu item: “view: blocks”. You can trial this feature before you buy.

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