12Blocks v1.2 launched

I started my latest project with the thought that the Propeller is (or should be) as easy to use as a Basic Stamp. Several people chimed in that it could be even easier. One late night, I came up with the concept of 12Blocks and spent the next couple hours defining the language.  It took a bit longer than I expected, but v1.2 is now here.
A library of over 100 powerful blocks let’s you quickly build games, robots, and more!
Just drag blocks onto the center worksheet. Debug your program with powerful views.
With 12Blocks, you don’t have to memorize code syntax or worry about resources like cogs, objects, or data. 12Blocks makes programming fun, by giving you powerful tools to do things like:
  • drive a robot with servos
  • draw graphics for vga/tv
  • react to keyboard/mouse input
  • communicate with a terminal
  • output music tones, wav files, record and play back sounds, and synthesize speech
  • interface with sensors like the PING and a compass
  • perform input/output on the pins: measure frequency,pulse, count edges…

One thought on “12Blocks v1.2 launched

  1. 12 Blocks, Raspberry pi and Scribbler 2

    Would it be possible to replace the IPRE Fluke board with the Raspberry pi and, a camera and wireless bluetooth adapter to control the Scribbler 2 ?

    With the reduced hardware cost your 12 Blocks program could be included perhaps at the same price as the IPRE Fluke board and the Scribbler 2 package. This would make it a complete educational package and make it more attractive to School districts.

    I tried to register at Hanno forums but the encryption thing killed me every time. I just got new glasses 2 months ago.hee hee

    Thank you,
    David Boyle

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