ViewPort v4.1 Released as a Parallax Product

We’re proud to work with Parallax to bring ViewPort to a wider audience of electronic enthusiasts, educators, and professionals. Parallax is known for top quality electronic and robotic products- including the Boe-Bot, Basic Stamp, and more recently the multicore Propeller microcontroller.

Here’s some feedback from our users on ViewPort v4.1:

“ViewPort v4.1 is solid, stable and versatile, a very impressive achievement. Now, I am going to incorporate ViewPort in several of my research investigations”

“If you buy one thing for the prop, buy this. (No I am not getting anything for saying this, I truly believe it. )”

“Brilliant, especially for us more novice (propeller) users familiar with studio. My son will love it.”

“I gave it a try and all I can say is that it’s an amazing software package. Wow!!!!”

“This is an awesome piece of work you have done here.”

“This is exactly what Propeller development has been lacking. Keep it up!”

Several magazines picked up the Press Release:
Elektor, Servo, and Nuts and Volts.