ViewPort reviewed in “Robot”

The September/October issue of “Robot” contains a well researched review about ViewPort- tagline: “A deluxe Propeller debugger in a sophisticated development environment”.

Here’s the review

Here some extracts:

The new ViewPort Development Studio from Parallax delivers an industrial-strength debugger combined with a Spin editor and a large set of powerful data-analysis views.  As a full-time software engineer working with Microsoft Visual Studio, I have been spoiled by sophisticated commercial development tools.  For me, ViewPort delivers the same power to my hobby as I have when I’m working at the office.  That isn’t saying that using ViewPort is like being at work; ViewPort is a lot more fun.

Most important, you can set breakpoints and single step your Spin program from this view.  This window is software engineer’s nirvana.

Let me assure you that, with very little effort, you’ll be able to make immediate use of ViewPort’s basic debugging feature.  To help you learn, ViewPort includes a great manual and many source-code samples and tutorials to help you master each capability.

Thank you Steve!  Past issues of Robot are available online at: