Christchurch Earthquake! Aftershocks measured with 12Blocks…

Here in Christchurch we’ve had a 7.0 earthquake and over 300 aftershocks in the last week. A friend suggested I measure them and I initially responded that “now is not a good time”. However, I managed to scrounge something together:
I soldered a 3 axis digital accelerometer (LIS3LV02DQ- same circuit as in DanceBot/Propeller Guide book) to a prototyping board and plugged it into a battery powered DemoBoard. I wrote a program in 12Blocks that uses simple I2C building blocks to configure the accelerometer’s internal filters and read measurements for all 3 axis. I double checked the I2C protocol with the logic analyser built into 12Blocks and then monitored the real-time measurements with the “view values” panel.