How do I run my program?

Once you’ve created your program in 12Blocks you can click the “Run” button to run the program on your device.  Doing this will:

  • Generate a text representation of the program in your device’s language.  For example, SPIN code for the TBot.
  • Compile the text and notify you of any errors.
  • Detect your device
  • Load the program to the device
  • Run the program

Boxing Robots headed to the Robocup Nationals

This Saturday the Mt Pleasant Robotics group will compete in the Robocup Nationals in Wellington with 2 TBots programmed with 12Blocks.  They’ve turned their robots into boxing stars by customizing the robots with servos and styrofoam costumes.  If all goes well the robots will perform an exciting boxing demonstration synchronized to “Eye of the Tiger”.