Google Tech Talk

I’ve been busy talking about how I use the Propeller in all my projects- including DanceBot, ViewPort, 12Blocks, PropScope, and TBot. In the last 2 weeks I’ve given 6 presentations with lots of demos- including a tech talk at Google. It’s always quite an experience visiting the Google campus- highlight was walking up the stairs and looking up to see SpaceShipOne hanging above me.

A dozen presentations about my projects…

I’m headed around the world to give a dozen presentations about my projects to various clubs, companies and schools.  Here’s a link to photos and videos from my first talk- given to the Robotic Society of Southern  California- just an hour after flying in from New Zealand!


Here’s the article: Presentation to Robotic Society of Southern California

Google Tech Talk

I gave a “Tech Talk” at Google about the projects I’m working on: ViewPort, the premier debugging tool for the Propeller, DanceBot, an interactive vision guided balancing robot, and PropScope, a multi-function usb oscilloscope/logic analyzer/function generator to be sold at retail for $199.

Teaching DanceBot to Follow Lines

My local robot club had a line-following theme the other night so I taught DanceBot to follow lines using computer vision. The video signal from a miniature camera is digitized and processed by DanceBot’s Propeller to guide it along a black line.