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Hi Hanno:

Attached is the code which I modified ver batim. I also included the version of PropCVCapture with the I/O pins configured per my previous schematic. The file does compile but when Dl’ed I get a "Failed to configure on Com10" prompt. I can Dl the previously submitted file & it works & communicates as before. I also noticed in this PropCVCapture a different annotation for registering with ViewPort (vp#HIVIDEO vs. video#HIVIDEO). Trying to use the vp#HIVIDEO format produces errors on compilation.

Another issue I’m having is the ViewPort can’t be reloaded without restarting the computer. It appears a TSR segment is hosing the memory on reload attempts. I’m running Windows XP Home edition-version 2002-service pack 3 for my operating system.

I did find the tutorials under the browse window…I never knew it was there. My version of ViewPort doesn’t produce the welcome screenshot in the manual…displayed on page 14 of the manual. I tried to DL Tutorial # 11 to the propeller & since PropCVCapture was configured for my hardware…I believe it should have worked…but it didn’t either. I need your help getting a downloadable file I can send to the propeller & generate streaming video in ViewPort ASAP…thanks.