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HI Hanno:

Thanks for responding so quickly after your vacation…I really appreciate that! I DL’ed the source code from the Circuit Cellar magazine article last night & DL’ed the PlotSamples.spin code to the Propeller EEPROM & then started ViewPort. I had a proper NTSC signal displaying on the DSO & VIDEO tabs at that time. Since it was midnight here…I got some sleep & I just printed the 6-page documentation for finishing the process.

I’m also awaiting samples from INTERSIL for an ADC with SOIC footprint. I’ve got SOIC/DIP adapter boards & I can hand solder them successfully. Proto Advantage also has "do it yourself" kits with a solder paste mask, adapter PCB & solder paste. I understand many are having success using a household "toaster oven". Once the solder mask allows the solder paste to be placed properly & the IC aligned with tweezers…it’s just a matter of melting the existing solder on the IC pins in the oven causing a reflow & subsequent bonding between IC & adapter board…FYI.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a video image & go from there. By the way, my application involves rotating equipment which has movement in 3-axis so I’m mounting the camera at a transverse top view to capture movement in all three dimensions. Now it’s time to fire up the Expresso Machine & get after it! Thanks again..