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Thanks for the quick reply!. I have a suggestion about the view variables, etc. drop in blocks. Don’t get rid of them, by all means keep them. Some folks may like that ability. Just allow the user to turn on or off the ability to display them as they were, maybe just a menu drop down or radio button. This will allow both options to be available, and could allow you to expand that functionality along the lines you are currently looking at. I’d be really stoked about the idea for the archive. I come from the industrial PLC world, and one of the things I really miss when delving into the world of embedded micro-controllers, such as the Prop, is being able to save to one archive file. There’s nothing wrong with having a bazillion directories for various files, I understand there is a need to keep things separated, however, industrial PLC manufacturers have gotten around that problem, simply by archiving into a single file the libraries, along with the source code file. When extracting the archive the user is given the option to overwrite or not to overwrite libraries that are stored in a central repository. Keeping the instanced library for a given project in a directory, eliminates that problem. The only added downside to that is that it forces the end user to know where the latest "up to date" library file or files are. I personally wouldn’t mind having many different iterations of the same library file, since in the Prop world, most folks have no problem going into an existing OBEX object and modifying it in some manner to their particular needs.

Carrying the "archive" concept one step further, and you could create a couple of empty directories that an end user could put additional files into, that would be part of the zip archive, such as a pdf datasheet documentation folder, electrical schematic folder, and perhaps a setup documentation folder, such as howtos, install, etc. These could just be empty directories that the user could choose to use, and would be handy. We do that right now on our company network for new projects, with a template of folders that you can just stick things related to the project. A fully fleshed out project such as the Plant Whisperer that Jeffo did is a good example of that. There were PDFs, BOMS, schematics, etc, that would have been nice if they had been archived into one file. With today’s bandwidth and speeds available having an archive file 10 or 20MB wouldn’t be such a big deal.