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Hello Hanno,

A few more comments…

1) With multiple spin files open, if I close the right-most file, the left-most becomes active. By convention, I believe, it should be the new right-most file to become active. This becomes confusing.

2) If I open a file that is larger than the text editor can fully display, I can use the sliders or mouse wheel to scroll around. If I then select View –> View code with debug support, a file named "Instrument Code" opens, but both Vertical and Horizontal sliders are maxed out, even though they shouldn’t be. No scrolling is possible. If I then reselect the original file, it suffers from the same problem! If I resize the window, everything returns to normal and scrolling works as it’s supposed to.

3) The same issue as #2 occurs if I select View –> View code with Viewport support.

4) If I open a spin file and I make changes to the code, I get an asterix beside the file name in the tab, just like I do with Propeller tool, signifying the file has been modified. Unfortunately, these changes are automatically saved over the original file! I don’t always want the original file overwritten! There should be a way to turn this off, AND if it is on, there should be a popup asking to overwrite or rename the file! I’ve ruined some of the Tutorial files by ‘experimenting’ and I have no recovery option! This is a BIG problem.

5) Tutorial 12_Measure Capacitance, takes a couple of minutes before it does anything. Could it be that conduit.spin uses [b:cfrpxsd3]waitcnt(cnt+clkfreq/10)[/b:cfrpxsd3]? The Propeller Manual (page 219) says to always use [b:cfrpxsd3]waitcnt(clkfreq/10 + cnt)[/b:cfrpxsd3] because you risk missing the cnt while it does the math for clkfreq/10 and then you have to wait until the next time around. Just a thought. Nothing else jumps out at me and I didn’t have a delay with any other tutorial.

6) The ‘line modified’ indicator is missing. I liked that function.