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Cannot reproduce this yet, but seems important enough not to forget. Maybe if you think through the VP code logic, you might think of something!

So… "sometimes" when either loading or compiling code (aka. developing all day), then updates in the TASKS/COGS do not get compiled when compiling or loading the main program.

I spent a few hours today battling with some code which was not working, only to discover all the changes were not being compiled and deployed when I hit Load… just an older .spin compiled version. So obviously the bug I was trying to solve stayed put to annoy me!!

As a last resort I just examined the .spin files and realised only the main program was compiled fresh each time, and the linked (LOADed) tasks were very old. I can imagine this is some weird-case scenario based on your new file-copy logic to the temp directory, but I think very important! Unfortunately I deleted all the .spin files from the project dir. and the system temp dir. before analysing it further. However, that did cure the problem, and now VP seems to be compiling the files as expected.

(Perhaps an old or locked .spin file … perhaps something to do with installing the new beta version – maybe the temp .spin files need to be deleted when the VP starts ?….)

I will keep a watch on it now, and send a test-case if I can.