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and another observation…

If the attempt to compile fails because the program is too big, then the "Origin exceeds FIT limit…" warning comes up, and then a new .spin file with a random guid-type file name appears in the VP editor.

I’m not sure that is the desired result… the VP can get quickly cluttered with all the random files!

Is it not possible to open just the real .spin file? Or even better the source file with the culprit code highlighted where appropriate. However, in the case that something does not fit (so no specific error) then maybe it is not appropriate to open the spin or source file at all? As what can we refer to? Just the user should now that something needs to be reduced!

(I appreciate this is a side effect of your new compile file handling- which seems to have caused you some more headaches than it might have solved! As can be the way with these things!! I hope my feedback is useful and taken positively even if short-time means I write it quickly sometimes…)