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Hi Max!
What a great attitude! I look forward to lots of "suggestions" and will do my best to fix problems and implement new features as you think of them.
If you can help me reproduce a problem you’ve had by submitting a screenshot, directions, and/or a bit of code, then I can typically fix the issue right away. I’m surprised you’re having problems with the preferences, please let me know what you’re doing.

I have noticed that sometimes the license menu is hidden behind the main window, but once you’re registered this shouldn’t affect things. It’s a weird windows timing issue but it’ll be fixed asap.

The Homespun Compiler which I use to compile spin code does give me all the information you’re looking for, VP already parses a log file for error messages, so implementing a "code summary" is very doable.

ViewPort already gives you the option to "run with viewport support", or "run with no viewport support". This get’s passed to Bean’s PropBasic compiler which should ignore all "vp_" calls when you’re telling it not to use vp. I’ll chat with Bean about current status of that.