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1. Basically, it usually happens when I reboot the computer. But not every time. I suspect a registgry problem but can’t prove it. Re-installing is an inconvenience but doesn’t take long. Viewport continues to launch until i turn off the machine.

2 Afraid not. What I am referring to is that occasionally, I get the message basic that viewport cannot connect to the Propeller after I have made a simple change. Even though I just ran the code before I made the change. It happens at times when I delete or move a single line of code. I usually try to connect with the Propeller Tool which works but makes degugging more difficult. Next time I run into the problem I’ll post the code and full description of the problem

3. I’ll post the code next time it happens in a small program. No need to upload a large program.

4. That’s what I try to do also. Except for above, it works well and I’ll continue to use it.

Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t really necessary.