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Yes, the examples work fine, and variables get updated. If I start modifying one of the examples, it will not change to these new variables.

I’m scratching out a workaround by copying Configuration strings from the Configuration dialog. If I start from scratch, the File->Configuration menu brings up a dialog where I cannot Add a Control, so I’m stuck. If I start with a working example, then I can add and modify Controls, then if I copy and paste the config into my program it works a lot better. But if I rely on it doing it by itself, nada.

I see VP proposes to save the config in Program Files(86), which under current windows standards is supposed to be read-only, never a legit place for a program’s preferences, or a user’s files. All that stuff must go in the user’s AppData folder. It’s like the old .ini files that went in the protected /Windows directory, and now cannot work there. Windows will virtualize files that are written to protected folders, even if you’re running in an admin account, and then access rights get complicated. So anyway, I think it has something to do with where you are storing .cfg files. Hardware-oriented users may be running Windows with all security disabled/bypassed so the problem doesn’t show up? Are you running under a normal User account, or as Admin?

Even if I start with an old working tutorial, get the Configuration dialog to where it allows Adding controls, then paste config code into my code, there are still odd things happening, like adding the vp. code changes the behavior of my code. Like Byte variables are taking on word values. Also at the moment it’s Terminal that’s not working.

OK, hours later, I’m chasing two issues. One is the config one above. I can work around it as above, but the problem is still there. The second is that calling Terminal methods isn’t sending anything to the Terminal window, and is corrupting my code’s variables, be they global, or local.