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Hi Cliff,
I’m almost comfortable releasing v2.07 as "beta" – it fixes all your issues and adds several big features. I’ll update the TBot Guide with more detail in coming days, hopefully these answers will help.

Here’s v2.07 "alpha":
+instead of "view pins/terminal/values", use one or more interactive
blocks and customize positions/size
+new customizable port selector with manager
+schematics editor improved in comment block
+12b if/case add/remove doesn’t act weird
+clicking on library items nicely docks them to selected block or into sheet
+drawing improved
+copy/paste improved
+docked block can be right clicked
+imported file improved

Here answers:
- You should use blocks from the "tbot" section to interact with TBot, not directly manipulate pins
- Yes, use DemoBoard library for all 80MHz Propeller platforms
- BlueTooth is preferred, I’ll post Guide soon (or email me for sooner)
- Copy/Paste bug fixed
- No Mousedown, should be "button pressed"
- Click to place has been improved, will send block either to attach to selected block, or to middle
- Use the "start task" if you want to do asyncronous events
- The Prop has 8 cogs, so can do 8 things in parallel. The TBot uses 2 cogs to communicate with pc and run firmware. You can use "Start" to run other tasks in parallel.
- Shouldn’t go black now
- Properties of docked blocks is now accessible
- Exit should work
- Use the blocks in "Interface" section to graph/display/edit variable values
- Am working on more curriculum using [url:9eshvqxc][/url:9eshvqxc]