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Should 12Blocks support programming the Raspberry Pi?

Yes , please!!

I have reached out to the Myro Users Group at Bryn Mawr University
Their response:
[Follow-ups at myro-users. -Doug]
Interesting question:

Is it possible to replace the IPRE Fluke with the Raspberry pi?
If so it would help reduce the hardware costs to schools and perhaps more schools could implement computer training using robots?

It should be possible (as you can use the Scribbler directly connected to a serial cable, although that use might not be completely tested).
But don’t forget about Fluke’s camera, one of the best parts.
Although, it may be cheaper to bundle a Raspberry Pi with a webcam, and perhaps even some kind of wireless connection. Interesting idea.

If someone makes a do-it-yourself Fluke-like thing, please let us know!

My reply email:
A camera is in the works:
Camera add-on board we’re developing for release later in the year, which will plug into those CSI pins we expose in the middle of the Raspberry Pi.
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