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"Hanno":3kdrlqtn wrote:
Should 12Blocks support programming the Raspberry Pi?[/quote:3kdrlqtn]

Yes ,please see this post … =47&t=6875 (this is not my post)

We are working on rebuilding our computer science program in our middle & high school (Westchester, NY). There will be a robotics component and we think that science research and data collection/analysis will be important components, as well as possibly some FabLab machines, equipment & projects.
My son, Andrew (age 13) loves programming & ways of making computers accessible to all learners.He wants our schools to be among the first to feature Raspberry Pi’s!! So he is writing a persuasive essay on this topic – he has ordered a RasPi and we hope to get it very soon. The Raspberry Pi can be used for programming projects and to hook up to keyboards and monitors for working in a cloud environment. We welcome suggestions for the interesting ways Raspberry Pi’s can be used in school settings – in whatever subject area discipline or manner that replaces the need for a tablet or laptop.

In addition, Andrew developed a list of questions – see below please. Thanks for any help!!