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"Hanno":305htkxx wrote:
Should 12Blocks support programming the Raspberry Pi?[/quote:305htkxx]

Yes, please A discussion regarding how to develop and market Educational software … 6&start=25

You do Scratch with Year 7 and I have seen it in year 5 or below.I like the idea of a linking element that is common to all levels from KS1 to KS4. That linking element could be a hardware "thing" (and I have a sexy thing in mind – prototype PCBs arriving this week – I am a great believer in control being a fun introduction to programming – must be the child in me!) or it could be a software system that provides a common core used in different ways and exposed at different levels or both (preferred!)

Personally I would like to see the Python equivalent of a Scratch script visible on demand. That way the system can quickly adjust to the abilities of different pupils in the class. Some will stick to Scratch-type stuff longer and others will immediately leap to the Python code. Even then, the level of Python exposed will vary depending on level – some it can get very scary, very fast and it is not as intuitive as Pythonites would have us believe.

It is this structured and pupil-controlled exposure of programming functions that I want to do. Something that allows pupils to seamlessly move upwards without losing the stuff done before – in whatever language

Also : However, there is a need for something which provides a seamless and structured path from things like Scratch up to full blown Python. At the moment the path is very peacemeal and anarchic. Nothing wrong with a bit of anarchy, but I am old fashioned enough to believe that structure and a clear development path are important in education – must be because I was a teacher in the days before mountains of paperwork, SATs and all the other stuff got in the way of the real job