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I might as well ask you folks for some guidance, whether it be GO FOR IT or U R Nutz.

I am almost blind but can see about 50 feet in a smoky twilight.

My idea is use a Propeller board and good old 12Blocks to measure distance out to 120 feet or more. I am looking for something like a vehicle lane intrusion device but I cannot possibly buy one.

I have found that Laser Tape Meaures such as Bosch or Leica have a max range of about 30m.
And hunter rangefinders range out to just under 60m.

These use a method of measuring time delay between transmit pulse and receipt of pulse from reflected surface.

Has anyone tried anything like this and might share experiences?

No commercial rangefinder I have found have a USB or other direct interface. If you know of one, please let me know. But price <$200 is necessary for this Poor boy.

I also wonder if this could not be done with video processing and no active signal out at all. Comments?

My intention is to couple the sensor to Prop board and generate a beep when my zone is intruded. Maybe use the speech blocks or .wav player to play distance to target numbers to speech.

Thanks for advice.