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I hadn’t used ViewPort for about 6 months (it was working fine at that time) but now I’m getting a strange error:
Component name:dso-lsa a image
XML from (C:Program Files (x86)ViewPortview2dso.XML:1):
<image name="dso-lsa" color="ffff0000" color2="ff000000" font="Arial_8.25" bgnd="ffc8c8c8" size="800,600">
Required font not found, please install the font:Arial_8.25Font ‘Arial’ does not support style ‘Regular’.

I’m able to load the _Tilt program for the DanceBot, and see the variables (io,accel, gyro, etc), but I can not bring up the dso, lsa, and other screens.
I thought to try the latest version of ViewPort (477), but it asked for the license key which I couldn’t find in my Google Receipt, and I can not remember how you sent it, so my request is to resend it, plus (if that doesn’t fix my problem) help me get the old version to work.
Carl M Petesen, III, P.E.