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Hi Hanno,

One of the early adopters of viewport here :)) though it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

I wrote a long post extolling the many reasons, pleading for a Mac / Linux port … but it vanished … oh well …

Was considering using Viewport’s openCv instead of a RaspberryPi or BeagleBone Black board.
I had an XP box with Viewport on it die die die just when I was ready to evaluate it with my Prop. dev. board.

Having fought with MS installs for decades, and having access to Macs and Linux boxes galore, I just don’t have the heart to attempt a windows reinstall when I can do 2 Ubuntu’s and a Fedora or two in the same time.

All I can say is you are missing a growing market segment that Raspberry Pi, et. al, will slowly take over: academia (which has always be unix) and the scientific community (who use a lot of mach-kernal based Macs).

Please consider it !

- Howard
(aka. CounterRotatingProps from yore)
Sent on a MacBook Pro which can run windows 7 & 8, Ubuntu, Fedora, and FreeBSD – all at the same time without much of a sweat…