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Hi Hanno,

On my computer, regardless if I press “SHIFT+F3″, “SHIFT+F4″ or click “Load” or “Run”, after uploading the code to eeprom or ram, VP continues to hold open the com port, and it is necessary to press F6 “Disconnect” in viewport before an external application can use the com port.

Just for info, I often use “SHIFT+F3″, so I load without VP conduit to eeprom… not sure if that equates to Load, Run or neither! Me- I’m happy with SHIFT+F3!

…Sometimes when the hands are holding steady the programming dongle, it is difficult to find a third hand to click F6 and move the mouse to the terminal without breaking something :)

One solution might be to add something like this on the code line after programming completes…

IF (programming type = load-eeprom-without-conduit OR
programming type = load-ram-without-conduit) THEN



Best, M.