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Hi Hanno,

Thanks for the latest update, 4.8

About the terminal question… to make things much simpler, could it be configured so that:

a) User programs device WITH conduit support, then com port is obviously held open after programming. (As now)

b) User programs device withOUT conduit support, then com port closed (released by vp) after programming.

If VP could simply close the port then the user can quickly enable an external terminal program to monitor the incoming data on the com port. VP does not need to hold open the port if conduit is not selected.

Of course even better would be for the built-in VP terminal to listen and display incoming data to the terminal tab, but if that represents significant development then it should be improvement enough just to close the port after programming. I suspect if you do provide both options, a tick-box for user choice might be useful (close port / listen at terminal).

Thanks for listening, hope all well,
Best regards, Max.