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    Well, it’s been a while! After taking a break from electronics for a while to physically hammer stuff to other stuff, I’m back and itching to dive into another microcontroller project. I used to use an old XP computer for 12blocks, but now I’ve got a Macbook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion installed. The problem is that it won’t seem to run! FTDI drivers and Mono framework installed OK as far as I can tell, but when I try to launch the latest version of 12blocks (219) I get a "Classic environment is no longer supported" error.

    Solutions? Precipitates?



    Welcome back Jeff!
    Sorry, nothing is "jelling" yet. I have hit that bug during development but forget what I did to resolve it. It’s late here, I’ll dig tomorrow.



    It could be that the "rosetta" layer that existed in previous versions of OS X is no longer present. At least, that’s what I gather based on the confused guesses on other forums discussing the same problem with other applications. I think Rosetta was more for PowerPC support, and AFAIK 12blocks never had that anyway.

    Well, if you can figure it out I’d love to know! In the mean time I’ll keep using my old PC for 12blocks development. Hmmm, now what should I make?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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