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    I’m trying to get 12Blocks up and running on my pc and am having some problems so I’m looking for help.

    Here’s whats been done so far:

    connect my Parallax QuickStart P8X32A using a USB cable to pc
    install 12blocks ver 2.1.9
    start 12blocks
    create a sample program by dragging the following blocks to the grid

    toggle pin 16
    wait 1000

    Next, I click on Run.

    A window for Connection Status appears with "Load and connect".

    The "load/status" progress bar stays blank and then after a few seconds on my Windows 7 (64 bit) pc, a new window pops up with message that it is unable to load and connect; the following details are on the window:

    Operation timed out
    Thread was being aborted.

    Tip:Verify that your device:
    * has a good power supply
    * is connected with a good USB cable

    The connection log has the following:
    18:64 starting thread
    18:83 Opened new port to COM41
    18:83 Load an image
    18:83 toggling dtr
    18:94 discarded, writing reset
    33:63 Timeout triggered
    36:99 Back in user after had to kill thread
    37:01 Operation timed out

    When I tried the above procedure on an older laptop Windows XP (32 bit), it runs fine and the blue LED blinks on and off, so I know the USB cable and QuickStart board are working.

    Is there something else I need to configure or do I need different drivers on the Windows 7 64 bit system?

    Thanks for your help,



    I have the same setup Win7 64bit, 2.1.9. I was on a previous 12Blocks, however since I upgraded my prop tool, it will now let me save. Do you have latest drivers? Windows used to have a problem with loading the wrong drivers.



    I get the error below with my QuickStart Board running 2.1.9 but I don’t have any errors running an older build like 2.0.2 using the same code blocks on the same computer. I can also reset the hardware in 2.1.9 and it finds and resets the propeller without any errors. This is on a 32 bit computer.

    Unable to communicate with device to read configuration data



    Hi! I’m excited to try 12blocks, but I keep getting “The setup files are corrupted” when I try to start the Application. I’m using 12blocks296 on a Windows 7 32bit machine.

    Any suggestions?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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