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    Hello Hanno,

    I’ve installed the beta and I’ve started opening some of the tutorials and running them. I’ve made a couple observations.

    1) Tutorial_02 opens with a red oscilloscope but to changes back to yellow (default) if you leave the screen and then return to it.

    2) On Tutorial_4, I like the fact that the LEDs don’t overlap, and the mouse pointer hot-spot seems to be over the button. Though they don’t seem to take input.

    3) I had several problems with Design Mode and now it doesn’t work at all. If I select "New View" –> Add a name –> Select OK, I get a "Access to path bla bla bla is denied". My choices are then [Restart], [Try to Continue], [Exit].

    4) I like the visual lines that you use to show code indentation, however I’d prefer if they were thin and darker. I know someone else will like them just how they are, so perhaps this can be a configurable feature. Also, I couldn’t find the menu selection to turn them off. Did it get moved? Or is it a short cut key?

    Thanks for the changes. I’ll have more time to spend with it tomorrow.




    Thanks TommieBoy for the feedback. Working to resolve the issues now…



    Hello Hanno,

    A few more comments…

    1) With multiple spin files open, if I close the right-most file, the left-most becomes active. By convention, I believe, it should be the new right-most file to become active. This becomes confusing.

    2) If I open a file that is larger than the text editor can fully display, I can use the sliders or mouse wheel to scroll around. If I then select View –> View code with debug support, a file named "Instrument Code" opens, but both Vertical and Horizontal sliders are maxed out, even though they shouldn’t be. No scrolling is possible. If I then reselect the original file, it suffers from the same problem! If I resize the window, everything returns to normal and scrolling works as it’s supposed to.

    3) The same issue as #2 occurs if I select View –> View code with Viewport support.

    4) If I open a spin file and I make changes to the code, I get an asterix beside the file name in the tab, just like I do with Propeller tool, signifying the file has been modified. Unfortunately, these changes are automatically saved over the original file! I don’t always want the original file overwritten! There should be a way to turn this off, AND if it is on, there should be a popup asking to overwrite or rename the file! I’ve ruined some of the Tutorial files by ‘experimenting’ and I have no recovery option! This is a BIG problem.

    5) Tutorial 12_Measure Capacitance, takes a couple of minutes before it does anything. Could it be that conduit.spin uses [b:cfrpxsd3]waitcnt(cnt+clkfreq/10)[/b:cfrpxsd3]? The Propeller Manual (page 219) says to always use [b:cfrpxsd3]waitcnt(clkfreq/10 + cnt)[/b:cfrpxsd3] because you risk missing the cnt while it does the math for clkfreq/10 and then you have to wait until the next time around. Just a thought. Nothing else jumps out at me and I didn’t have a delay with any other tutorial.

    6) The ‘line modified’ indicator is missing. I liked that function.




    Hi Tommie,
    I’m so psyched you gave such a good description for #2 and #3- I’ve noticed that sometimes the scroll bars would stop working but couldn’t figure out why. Easy to fix now. Workaround is to move with cursor keys to get the scrollbars back.
    Right now it auto-saves files when you "run/load/debug" them. I can add an option to prompt if it’s ok to save.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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