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    Hi Hanno,

    Posted this same note at the Propeller forum, but not sure which place is best so here goes!

    Tried the latest Viewport beta (4.7.3)

    When I press F8, a message windows pops up thus..
    title: "Compile Error"
    message: "PropBasic didn’t generate a spin file because:"

    That’s it… no "because" shown

    At the bottom of the main windows it shows, Status: "Failed to Compile code for PropBasic".

    Sorry to post here Bean if that’s rather a viewport issue, but I figured you and Hanno both watch this thread. Maybe I need to change some config options with this new VP version??

    Needless to say it might also be my system and I would appreciate any suggestions…., although before the upgrade to 4.7.3 this morning all was fine. I have just re-downloaded the latest propbasic.exe from this thread. The same .pbas sources compile OK in bst… Also, I can press F7 in viewport and the prop is "found and reset" ok, which would suggest the com port is fine.

    Anyhow, I will roll-back to the last stable VP for now, so no panic!

    edit: Also noticed that the .spin files are being created! They seem fine compared to what I would expect, so the "error" seems to be after the compile success. Maybe some command args have changed, or the feedback from propbasic to VP is not happening same as in previous versions…

    edit2: rolling back to version 4.6.7 did solve it! I am sure I was using 4.7.2. earlier and that was fine too… won’t guarantee that though- been a long day. Can try and re-install 4.7.2 if you want me to test that.

    edit3: now getting another weird error, with a big-ish LMM propbasic file I am working on (which compiles and installs ok with bst), I can compile if with VP, but cannot load it to the prop- always get the com port error. I can press F7 to find the prop and reset it though! Maybe this is related, so I mention it too. (Might be that the VP code pushes the size over the top… even if I choose load without support then does VP add extra stuff to the spin file- or am I mistaken… just typing out loud…). no time to diagnose it further now, but will do if you do not have the solution up your sleeve already!



    Doh, my bad. I added a feature that let’s you compile/run code without first saving it. To do this I create a temporary file of the text you’re trying to compile and then compile that file. I didn’t change one variable in the PropBasic module which caused ViewPort to look for the error log and resulting spin file in the wrong place. My regression test passed because the spin file already existed- I’ve fixed both issues and will upload a new version in a couple hours.

    Regarding "edit3". Try pressing "Load" instead of "Run", this should do exactly what BST does, just compile without VP support to spin and then load to the Prop. Adding VP support does require some memory and a cog, this may push you over. If you’re willing, send me your code.



    Thank you for your efforts Hanno.

    About the "edit3" thing…. I just checked more carefully and this was the catch for me:

    1. If I press F8 (just to compile and check code is correct), then the VP symbols are added, which push some large programs "over the maximums", and so the code check fails.
    2. If I click "Load", then indeed the .spin file has no VP symbols added, but it also tries to load the Prop, which is not desired when just checking code syntax.

    So perhaps SHIFT+F8 could be a useful option, to enable the compile without VP support?

    Also a really cool thing would be if the status bar also displayed the basic compile stats, like program length(longs used/free) etc… ! No need for an annoying pop-up window with the info, but would be useful to see when compiling and trying to reduce large programs!

    Something like…

    Status: Compiled OK. [Program 5537 Longs, Variable 0 Longs, Stack/Free 2651 Longs]


    Status: Compile failed: [Program "lcd.pbas" exceeded by 9 Longs]

    (Not sure if the compiler can tell which cog failed the compile, or even if that matters actually, as VP will perhaps jump to the errant .spin file anyhow? But at least to show how many longs were exceeded without needing pop-up windows to interrupt the work flow).

    Best regards.



    Good idea to allow compile without adding VP support…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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