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    Using Prop Demo Board And PS/2 keyboard:

    I can’t identify the blocks to get a char from my ps/2 keyboard and write it to 12blocks ‘terminal’.  I have viewed the video and I, in general, understand the use of blocks. I  have seen reference to a block that in one case looks like ‘SET<X> to<receive value>’  and in another                                                         ‘ SET<X> to<keypressed>’.

    I don’t know how to use these blocks, and I can’t find the block referenced in 12Bocks documentation.  I found SET <X> to < 1>, but that is apparently for X :==   .







    I found in the manual on page 17 in section 3.5 Peripherals under Keyboard:, the following.

    Use the “wait for key” block  to handle a specific keypress on a keyboard connected to the Propeller.  Or use the “key” block from the “Sensor” section to detect if  a particular key is pressed 

    I can find the ‘key’ block in the sensor section, and I was able to use it.  However, I am wanting to read which key has been pressed; not that a particular key has been pressed.

    I cannot find the ‘wait for key’ block.




    Hi John,
    I’ll add “wait for key” and “get last key pressed” blocks to the next release.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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