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    Can the GUI / development part of the software allow the creation of End User interface, where variables defined by the writer can be edited by the end user?

    example, a timing of event is adjusted on pc screen, and data stored on the Propeller MCU?

    I would not want and end user to access or alter the code.

    If the Viewport software cannot do this itself, what is the possibility of a cut down customisable GUI (1 section of the Viewport ultimate) pureley aimed at the end user?



    You should check ou the demo, loopy. Viewport does not grant code access, but variables defined by the interface designer (you) will be accessible and manipulable by the world (users) to the limits put on such interaction by the designer (you again).
    So, in your example, a data box (or a knob, or a switch, or a whatever) on the Viewport PC screen is adjusted and the Propeller’s variable (for which wthe onscreen thing is an extension) follows suit immediately.

    Happy hunting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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