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    Hi all, I’m new here and I have a quick question that I have thus far been unable to find the answer to.

    I am trying to keep my library files and objects in the folder "C:Program FilesParallax IncPropeller ToolLibrary", because that is what Parallax did initially. I don’t want to have to maintain 13 different copies of "FullDuplexSerial", and I would like to keep the original "Library" folder just as is (especially because I may use Propeller Tool in the future). I am having trouble getting ViewPort to look there for my objects. The "Program Preferences" menu item will not allow me to add my library folder, and I was wondering if I was missing something patently obvious (or if I have to move the entire folder somewhere else).

    Anybody have a quick answer for me? Thanks in advance, -bryan



    Actually, this entry: "C:Program FilesParallax IncPropeller Tool" shows up in my list of Include Directories, but I cannot append the "Library" folder to it.



    Yes, at the moment ViewPort only adds the Propeller Tool directory. In the next update it’ll add the Library directory as well as well as allow you to add custom directories.



    Hi Hanno, I’m baaaaack! Listen, I want to thank you for your prompt reply last time around, but something cropped up again.

    Since we last conversed, I have replaced my computer. I recently became aware that my additions and modifications to the Propeller library weren’t actually being saved in the “C:\Program Files(x86)\Parallax Inc\Propeller Tool v1.3.2\Library” folder, they were in fact being saved into a virtual store.

    Because managing these files is a huge pain, I uninstalled Propeller Tool and Viewport and reinstalled them to “C:\My Program Files\”. Propeller Tool runs perfectly now and so does Viewport, but it once again cannot find my Parallax library.

    Any chance you have any ideas? I downloaded version 4.8.2.

    Thank you! -bryan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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