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    I am using Viewport standard — ver 4.7.7 (+ previous versions as needed). I know it’s in beta but the difficulties I’m having is also present in all previous versions back to Ver 4.6.2. For reference, I am running WIN7 UlTIMATE.

    These are feedback comments and not complaints. I think you have done a very good job in the application. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” /> That’s from someone that does embedded hardware/software and windows interfaces.

    1. Sometimes, usually after I have shut down my computer and restarted it, I cannot load viewport. I click the icon or .exe file and nothing happens. I have to re-install Viewport before I can run the app. That’s why I keep downloading the beta versions to see if the problem still exists.

    2. There are times when I get the screen that it cannot download/configure the propeller while I’m attempting to debug code. I have had this happen when I have made the simplest of changes. There have been instances where I have removed a single WAITCNT line from the code and attempting to reload the code and it failed. When I re-install the WAITCNT, the program runs normally..

    3. There have been occasions that when I load test code in the propeller, I receive no errors but the graphic code screen does not update the pin status. It’s as if the communications has ceased. The program appears to run properly in the propeller, blinking leads or such.

    4. I don’t use the the Viewport very much because most of my work with the Propeller is done in PASM. I use Viewport in this capacity to monitor ouptput pin activity generated by the PASM code. Debugging PASM code is a bitch. I have tried several PASM Debuggers. The best one so far is BMADeebugger. Unfortunately it doesn’t sync the display with the code being executed and seems to be geared to support their compiler. It has proven to be almost useless. My debugging is limited to the old style of monitoring ouput data and blinking leds to track down problems. I could really use a good PASM debugger.

    Anyway. I’m looking forward to your next version.




    Thanks for letting me know about your issues.
    1- I’ve never seen this. Very odd that you have to reinstall. Can you provide instructions to replicate? What are you doing before it stops working?
    2- Waitcnt pauses execution until a specific cnt is reached. Single stepping through such code may cause you to miss that time, so execution will be paused until cnt wraps around (takes ~50 seconds). Does that explain the issue?
    3- Does this occur with a specific spin program? Can you post it?
    4- I debug PASM by reading/writing lots of data to hub ram which I can then analyze with ViewPort… But yes, it’s not optimal…



    1. Basically, it usually happens when I reboot the computer. But not every time. I suspect a registgry problem but can’t prove it. Re-installing is an inconvenience but doesn’t take long. Viewport continues to launch until i turn off the machine.

    2 Afraid not. What I am referring to is that occasionally, I get the message basic that viewport cannot connect to the Propeller after I have made a simple change. Even though I just ran the code before I made the change. It happens at times when I delete or move a single line of code. I usually try to connect with the Propeller Tool which works but makes degugging more difficult. Next time I run into the problem I’ll post the code and full description of the problem

    3. I’ll post the code next time it happens in a small program. No need to upload a large program.

    4. That’s what I try to do also. Except for above, it works well and I’ll continue to use it.

    Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t really necessary.



    Hi Greybeard,
    Again, I apologize you’re experiencing these issues. Please share code fragments that will let me reproduce and fix the issue when you’re able to reproduce it.

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