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    When I first saw ViewPort I thought it worked this way, automatically. I was a bit surprised to find I had to manually link in ("share") variables in my program. Doesn’t it make sense for it to default to using that cog to stream potential watch "channels" for [i:3vipm66n]all [/i:3vipm66n]global variables in the top level program (more like Visual Studio), i.e. stream a binary image of the entire variable memory space, and display all the I/O pins as well? With the whole processing/decoding/formatting load on the PC. I would think that would be the default mode most people would use to debug. If it created a profile we could then tweak it to manually optimize bandwidth, or, better yet, select interactively at run time. Or does it already do this and I’m missing it? I’m having trouble understanding e.g. how to be able to see the i/o pins. And why can’t I just drag program variables into the watch? It’s quite uphill when you’re starting. The rational default would seem to be to give access to all variables, and THEN trim it back or create a specialized monitor manually as you learn the lingo, not the other way around. Why not make it easy?

    [b:3vipm66n]I found ViewPort, it looks fantastic. Nice UI! YES! [/b:3vipm66n]I should be able to load up any Propeller example and see what’s happening and which pins are being flipped. THAT’s the solution. But instead it’s what they call a steep learning curve, I have to modify the sample code and delve into ViewPort’s peculiarities, and stuff still won’t debug? I understand you developed it for your own needs at first, but now it needs that "productizing" touch to help it and the Propeller gain ground in the marketplace. I would love to use it, but I somehow just don’t feel like another riddle is what I need. I see a lot of other users are having a hard time getting started. Do you see where if someone needs a microcontroller to flip a few bits and read a few sensors it makes no sense if learning to use the debugger is a week’s full time project? What the world needs is a default mode that’s fully automatic. Then if someone has time and need, they can delve and optimize. Thank you for hearing me out.



    Hi Fernand,
    I am working on making ViewPort automatic… When you use PropBasic instead of SPIN I think it’s already pretty close to what you want. Here’s a sample program which names the shared variable and shares the IO pins:

    FREQ 80_000_000
    PROGRAM Start
    temp1 VAR LONG

    WATCH temp1
    FOR temp1=0 to 10
    PAUSE 10

    For super simple programming, check out 12Blocks, here's an equivalent program, which also let's you view pins and the global variable:

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