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    Hello Hanno,

    I just downloaded VP 4.7.3 and have some observations.

    1) Sometimes when I select between tabs All, Analog, LSA, the screen will change to the correct one but only for a moment, but then everything goes grey! Analog seems to be the worst offender but it happened with the others too.

    2) Tutorial #3 — LED active area doesn’t correspond to the LED button. i.e. I can put my cursor in the center of the LED and it is an arrow. (While it’s an arrow, I can’t actuate the LED/button.) As I move the cursor up, the cursor changes to a hand, but I can be quite a distance away and still select the LED! Actually, if I point to the 0 on the ‘Code’ 0–250 slider above, I can still actuate the LED!

    3) While running Tutorial #3, I got a "painting — object reference not set to an instance of an object." This occured after running the program for several minutes without user input.

    4) When running Tutorial #5, with LSA selected, I put the cursor into the "Overview — click on name to continue" area. Random rows highlight then flick to a different row. When a circle is clicked on, the second row below becomes selected! This behavior was observed on all rows with the ‘Overview’ area in this tutorial.

    5) Similar to #2, with DSO tab selected, I can click and drag the Trigger slider up and down. However, with the slider at ‘Off’ and I select ‘Step’, nothing happens. If I click on ‘Continuous’ the slider goes to ‘Step’. If I then select ‘Off" the slider goes to ‘Continuous’. I get the same behavior with the ‘Source’ slider and equally odd behavior with the other two sliders. There certainly is something wrong with that cursor!

    That’s all I have time for tonight. I didn’t get very far with the Tutorials.




    Thanks Tom for the feedback!
    Thank goodness for 4.7.4 – should fix your issues :)



    I’ll give 4.7.4 a try this weekend. I don’t know why the Tutorial files were moved. I took me a few minutes to find them.



    Hi Tommie,
    Thanks for helping! The installer now puts the tutorials into the "ViewPort/Docs" directory. However, when ViewPort starts, it copies those files to your "My Documents/Viewport/Tutorials" directory where you can edit them even if you’re not signed in as an administrator. Previously the installer just put them in the "My Documents/ViewPort/Tutorials" directory of the who installed ViewPort, this doesn’t work for people using ViewPort using different user profiles- like schools.

    Users shouldn’t notice, Tutorials should just appear in their "My Documents" folder where they can edit them freely :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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