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    Hi Hanno,

    Just an observation…

    When pressing F7 to reset the prop, then a window comes up and life stops until you click OK.

    Might it be enough just to acknowledge the reset success at the bottom-left “Status” tag, without requiring user input? Or at least put a checkbox on the pop-up “do not bother me again”

    Also linked to the previous topic… after the reset, then ViewPort does not close the serial port. It is needed to manually press F6 to release the port.

    So, we have this merry dance… Press reset(F7), wait for window, click OK, then press F6… repeat 100 times a day… :)

    It could so easily be: Press reset(F7), done!

    As said, just an observation. Agree or disagree as you think!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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