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    I’m using 12Blocks v2.0.4, TBot Rev. 3.

    Q: Where can I find a listing of which pins of the TBot’s Propeller chip are connected to which devices (LED’s, IR sensors, etc.), so I can manipulate them in 12Blocks?

    Q: Is the Propeller "QuickStart" board (which has 8 touch-sensitive buttons and 8 blue LED’s) well-supported by the "demoboard" profile?

    Q: Is there a tutorial on how to use the TBot with XBee?

    Bug?: Do motion, terminal, "button pressed", and "repeat until" blocks not work with Copy+Paste?

    Q: Is there a "mousedown" condition block for the TBot? (I.e., it’s mentioned in the "Magic Robot" doc.)

    Bug?: Copying a "repeat until" block pastes as a "when" block(?).

    Bug?: Copying a "repeat until" block doesn’t copy its internal condition block (no deep-copy constructor?)

    Bug?: Copying a "right-button-pressed condition" block pastes as a "when" start block.

    Bug?: Clicking on a block in the menu always drops it in the middle of the program, not where I most recently clicked (which is what Paste does). Hint: It would be handy if it dropped the new block at the location of the most recent mouse click, the way Paste does.

    Bug?: When using multiple "When left button pressed" blocks, only one of them gets the event. After each successive button press, one additional program runs, so lots of button presses are required to get through them all.
    All event listeners should receive the event, not only the first one.

    Bug?: When using multiple "Start" blocks, as described in the tbot_guide.pdf, they run sequentially rather than in parallel.
    The guide says they will run in parallel. My workaround was to use "Start Task". If this is preferred to using multiple "Start" blocks, please update the guide to say this.

    Bug?: 12Blocks IDE window goes black when being resized (this is on Win7+SP1).

    Bug?: Properties of the Button block are inaccessible (always get the underlying background block’s properties instead).

    Bug?: 12Blocks doesn’t exit when clicking on File->Exit, nor after clicking on the "X" in 12Blocks’ upper-right corner.
    It just very quickly flips through all the currently open program tabs, then sits there.

    Q: How to graph the changing value of World[0]?

    Bug?: Broadcast block set to "0, 0" says "0 is not an object", and set to "world(0, 0)", says "world is already defined".
    Please advise.

    Q: Has anyone written up the Labs from Chapter 4, so we can do them, beyond what’s shown in the "Magic Robot.pdf"?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on workarounds and upcoming new documentation and fixes for any of the above.




    Hi Cliff,
    I’m almost comfortable releasing v2.07 as "beta" – it fixes all your issues and adds several big features. I’ll update the TBot Guide with more detail in coming days, hopefully these answers will help.

    Here’s v2.07 "alpha":
    +instead of "view pins/terminal/values", use one or more interactive
    blocks and customize positions/size
    +new customizable port selector with manager
    +schematics editor improved in comment block
    +12b if/case add/remove doesn’t act weird
    +clicking on library items nicely docks them to selected block or into sheet
    +drawing improved
    +copy/paste improved
    +docked block can be right clicked
    +imported file improved

    Here answers:
    - You should use blocks from the "tbot" section to interact with TBot, not directly manipulate pins
    - Yes, use DemoBoard library for all 80MHz Propeller platforms
    - BlueTooth is preferred, I’ll post Guide soon (or email me for sooner)
    - Copy/Paste bug fixed
    - No Mousedown, should be "button pressed"
    - Click to place has been improved, will send block either to attach to selected block, or to middle
    - Use the "start task" if you want to do asyncronous events
    - The Prop has 8 cogs, so can do 8 things in parallel. The TBot uses 2 cogs to communicate with pc and run firmware. You can use "Start" to run other tasks in parallel.
    - Shouldn’t go black now
    - Properties of docked blocks is now accessible
    - Exit should work
    - Use the blocks in "Interface" section to graph/display/edit variable values
    - Am working on more curriculum using [url:9eshvqxc][/url:9eshvqxc]

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