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    Would it be possible to use or modify the save interface block to read data from a file instead of saving it to the the file? I would like to assign the information to a variable to be used by my propeller.



    Nice idea! Can you tell me more about what you want to do? Provide sample format? I assume something like:
    time, varname, varname….
    0, 10, 10
    10.02, 20,20

    Ie, specify in CSV format a header followed by entries when values will change.



    I have two reasons why I would like to do this. The first is so the data that is sent to the data.txt file from the save interface block can be manipulated and returned back to a new file in the same format. The data.txt file is three columns of vectors(x,y,z). I can perform mathematical operations on these three vectors and write them back to the new file and access them with my propeller as three new vectors or as three new strings.

    For example if I had sensor data that I needed to perform more advance mathematical operations on and return the data back to my propeller after I have performed mathematical operations on using a computer.

    The second is I have a simple BASIC programming language I like to use but it doesn’t like communicating with serial ports to well so I can assign values from the GUI controls from the BASIC language to the new file and read those vectors or strings with my propeller to control it.

    For example. If I depress a button from my GUI the button assigns a value of one to the variable z in the new file. I can read the value z from that file and tell my propeller to assign a pin high if z is a one or else do nothing.



    Yes, makes sense.
    You can already use "DDE" dynamic data exchange to do exchange variable values to/from 12Blocks.
    You could also use the xmlrpc block or the skype block to read/write values.
    But yes, reading data from file would be cool too. Let me ponder.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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