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    Hi Hanno,

    I’m trying very hard to replicate your dance bot by working through the Parallax Book "Programming and customizing the propeller". I haven’t gotten to the computer vision chapter, but noticed the included code is:
    1. Written for the computer vision robot
    - So is there an easy mod to just get it running for the bot with out vision? I want to get my guy built and balanced and move foward and back before working on the computer vision chapter.
    2. I noticed the pinout description in the book is not consistent with your code, is there any errata?
    3. Also, I’m on my second PG03 Gyro, I think I blow up my first one, and my prop board as well. I was reviewing the schematics in the book and noticed that you had the gyro running on 5v and the signal line directly to the propeller…. isn’t that bad? Also, the gyro output is wired to 5v in your drawing…. is this needed as the pin out is supposed to supply a servo… not take power. So I guess in short, do we ONLY need the signal output on the gyroOut pin?

    Thanks much,



    Hi Bryce,
    Good luck! I had lots of fun with the dancebot, it’s been a while…
    Yes, you can run without vision, the book talks about how there’s basically two controls for the bot, to turn and to move forward/backward. You can control these with vision or by setting them to whatever you want.
    I’m still on my first gyro, had no problems with it. It needs ground on the black pin and 5V on the red pin. There are 2 white pins, one driven by the Prop and one sensed by the Prop. I haven’t had problems driving these directly, but if you wanted to you could insert a 10k resister.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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