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    I’ve been working with a couple of different PIC’s for a couple of months now. It’s fascinating looking at the amazing things that ordinary people can accomplish with these little devices and off the shelf components. It’s a great time to be alive!

    I was having good luck with the hardware side of my project and managed to get the basic functions down without much fuss. I was getting servos to do what I wanted, I had motors running with PWM and actually managed to get some of the inputs I required. All was looking swell but the coding eluded me. I could do the simple things but tying them together was another matter.

    Maybe I don’t have the mind for it, or I lack the discipline required to learn computer language. Whatever the reason I was on the verge of giving in and putting this stuff in a box. Pretty discouraging…

    Anyway, earlier today I discovered 12 blocks and managed to piece some more parts together! I have my quickstart board running several operations on the bench right now! This is after watching a couple of tutorials and downloading the demo. I’ve been concentrating on learning code for about a week now but it just wasn’t coming together and now I’ve accomplished one of my goals in just a few minutes with 12 blocks!

    Thanks a million!

    I have a few glitches with the program connecting with my board consistently but I’m sure I can resolve them pretty painlessly. I haven’t purchased the full version yet but I’ll be sure to do it soon.

    I have some other I/O type questions specific to my project but they’ll wait. I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done.

    Not all carpenters want to grow trees!

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