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    Dear Hanno :
    I successfully used Viewport 4.7.7 to compile anl load a couple of long Spin programs whiah actually use most of Propeller memory. Then I recently switched to the new ViewPort 4.7.8. I liked it, namely for storing screen coordinates and displaying memory usage. But, it failed to compiled my codes, warning that it exceeded memory. I retried (suspecting a error from my side) with version 4.7.7 and with Propeller Tool…. everything compiled fine.

    Can you please help?

    Thanks from Lake Como, Italy




    Hi Carlo,
    Can you post the code you’re trying to use? ViewPort does add some code for debugging, so it’s possible to run out of memory.



    Hi Hanno,
    probably that’s the problem. Is there a way in 4.7.8 version to avoid adding extra code for debugging or will I have to use 4.7.7. version?

    I’ll send you the code as soon as is a little bit repolished, it’s a project still in delelopment.

    Thanks carlo



    I can report the same. Cannot easily post the source code, but compiles ok with Shift+F8.. the stats are:

    Program: 7610 longs
    Variables: 2 longs
    Stack/Free: 575 longs

    If I try to use Shift+F3 to load eeprom with VP support, it fails with the "compiled image exceeds 32768" error.

    As a work-around I can compile to .spin format with Shift+F3, then use Homespun to generate an eeprom file, then load the eeprom to the prop using the parallax propeller tool.

    Hanno… does this mean that VP adds more than 575 longs of "stuff" even to programs compiled without VP support? I am not sure… maybe this is a new bug or compatibility issue between VP and PropBasic? Anyway… GREAT new feature to see the program stats! Really helpful. Thank you for the continuing development!



    Feel free to post whatever quality code you want – I won’t complain! Being able to reproduce problems helps me immensely when solving problems.
    I’ll do some testing for code size- but when you select "load without vp support" then it should consume exactly as much as homespun would use.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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