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    Hi Hanno,
    I just purchased your software online, am keen to get it all happening, but have a stumbling block…

    I’m using version "Conduit 1/2012"

    It runs fine with your sample programs, but…

    When I run my pulse counting software, [u:lt3clu93]without[/u:lt3clu93] the vp.share line enabled, it runs perfectly.

    As soon as i enable the vp.share line, it runs to a point where it thinks I’ve pressed a button on i/o 15.

    I have plenty of stack space for each of the 4 cogs I’m running.
    I have done heaps of testing on this trying to pinpoint whats actually happening, and the conduit object is actually pulling the i/o 15 low and holding it there.

    As a test, I disabled the ‘start’ call in ‘conduit’ at line No 43, and my software then runs fine,

    So something in the conduit object is pulling the i/o low. This occurs immediately that I program it, even with the propeller tool, and not using viewport software.

    I’m running vmware fusion on a macbook pro, and haven’t got another pc easily accessible to try this on at this stage.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated thanks,




    I apologize for the late reply. Let’s keep the discussion to the Parallax forum: … ost1136626

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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