PropScope Book published

Big congratulations to everyone at Parallax (particularly Andy, Ken and Steph) for completing the PropScope book: “Understanding Signals with the PropScope”. This 350+ page book starts with the basics but through detailed tutorials and exercises takes users all the way to advanced electronic topics like amplifiers, filters and communication protocols.


The 350 page text demonstrates how to use the PropScope as a voltmeter, oscilloscope, function generator, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, while introducing common circuits. The kit also includes electronic components for building breadboard circuits on your own Board of Education or BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board (boards sold separately). Designed for beginners as part of our Stamps in Class program, it is a useful reference for any PropScope owner as well.

Like other Parallax education resources it’s available as a free PDF here:…cope-1.0.0.pdf

Or as a real book here:…st,ProductName

Or, as a package deal which includes the PropScope and parts referenced in the book…0/Default.aspx

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