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ViewPort is the premier debugging environment for the Propeller. The tool combines an integrated debugger with powerful graphics that show you what’s going on within the Propeller. Monitor variables over time with the built in oscilloscope or change their value while your Propeller is running. Solve hardware problems with the logic analyzer at sampling rates up to 80Msps. Add intelligence to your programs with the fuzzy logic module or perform simple vision processing.
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Easily debug programs with the right tools
Debug with breakpoint, single step, profiler
Graph variable values in real time
Monitor IO pin states at up to 80 Msps
Analyze data with a spectrum analyzer
Add intelligence to your programs with fuzzy logic
Control parameters in a program and analyze results
Easily configure options with wizards
Control devices with vision using built-in OpenCV
Customize the interface with widgets and API


  • Spin-code debugger: breakpoint, pause/continue, profiler, interpreter, call stack
  • Virtual oscilloscope: variable timescales, trigger, cursors, auto-measurements
  • Virtual logic analyzer: capture state of all 32 pins at up to 80Msps with trigger
  • Virtual spectrum analyzer: analyze signals in the frequency domain
  • Fuzzy logic engine: easily integrate and tune fuzzy logic with the control panel
  • Edit variables: use PC-based controls to calibrate and control your project
  • Monitor variables: log and analyze variable values over time
  • Real time data acquisition: integrate PC for acquisition and control (SCADA)
  • Share logged data: as matlab, text, xls, image files or stream to the internet
  • Easily integrate with the client kit
  • More

ViewPort can be used with Spin, C and PropBasic programs. It requires one cog and a single line of code at the start of your program. It’s easy to get started with plenty of tutorials, videos and documentation.

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