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  • Editorimage
    Full featured code editor with syntax highlighting, macros, regular expression search/replace, line modifications, bookmarks, outlining, templates etc.
  • Built-in Compiler and Loader
    Press Run to convert to compile to binary and upload programs to Propeller.
  • Debugger
    Traditional Visual Studio tools to help you debug programs:
    Breakpoints: code runs until it hits a breakpoint
    Step over/out/in: run code one line at a time
    Watch window: track variable values- or change them
    Profiler: track how much time is spent in different parts of your program
    Command Interpreter: take a set number of steps, run while a condition
  • High Speed connection to Propeller Memoryimage
    ViewPort sends data to your PC at up to 2Mbps. Data can be packaged into frames to allow sampling variables or IO state at 80Msamples/sec. You configure what data should be sent and how to visualize it. No performance impact to your program since data is sent by a separate cog.
  • Monitor and control variable values
    Data is logged into your PCs memory- allowing high resolution and long sample times. ViewPort can change program variables while the program runs. You configure which variables should be editable. ViewPort provides graphical elements for easy control: dials, sliders, textboxes, etc.
  • View IO pin activity at up to 80Msps
    View the state of the Propellers 32 I/O pins at up to 80MHz. This helps you troubleshoot communication problem with devices connected to the Propeller. Typically the LSA graph is used to view the individual bits states. Your configuration can label and group the bits to simplify the graph.
  • Transfer Data to/from the Propeller
    Output variable value history to CSV,TXT, Matlab or screenshots. Stream live data to the filesystem, FTP server, or other applications. Load binary or HEX files to Propeller RAM or download from Propeller RAM to PC files.
  • Real-time graphsimage
    ViewPort’s instruments are comparable to real-world instruments with configurable timescales, resolutions, trigger, auto-measurements and more.
    Oscilloscope (DSO) graphs a variables value vs. time with trigger, cursor, auto-measurement.
    Logic Analyze (LSA) graphs a variables bit states vs. time with bit, pattern and edge triggers, cursors.
    Spectrum Analyzer graphs a values magnitude vs. frequency.
    XY graphs the relationship between two variables.
    Terminal is an integrated text terminal for interactive input/output
    Video displays streaming video from Propeller with marker/brightness tools
  • Fuzzy Logicimage
    Instead of using complicated formulas coupled with IF statements for every threshold/exception, fuzzy logic just requires you to specify how variables should be mapped onto classes. ViewPorts graphical control panel makes it easy to tune the logic.
  • Custom visualizations
    Use the ViewPort Designer to modify existing views or create your own- as easy as drag-n-drop. Use the Development Kit to create your own widgetswith full access to all of ViewPort. The communication protocol to view and edit variables in fully documented.
  • Capture Video, apply Vision Filters, View Videoimage
    Digitize video into a memory array. Apply vision filters in real time on the video. Stream the video to ViewPort for visual debugging.
  • Comprehensive Help Manual, Easy Install/Uninstall
    Detailed pdf manual and search/browsable help files are available. Well commented tutorial help you get started. Easy to install/uninstall.
  • Port Selector
    Manually specify the port of the device you wish to program or let ViewPort automatically find it. In Auto mode, ViewPort will display the current port with an asterix: COM10*
  • Easy to Integrate into your spin programimage
    ViewPort requires 1 Cog and a serial connection. Get started with just 1 command to share data with ViewPort. Configure your program with ViewPort’s graphical wizard. Save the configuration to a file or incorporate into your program.