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Google Tech Talk

I gave a “Tech Talk” at Google about the projects I’m working on: ViewPort, the premier debugging tool for the Propeller, DanceBot, an interactive vision guided balancing robot, and PropScope, a multi-function usb oscilloscope/logic analyzer/function generator to be sold at retail for $199.

ViewPort Overview

ViewPort’s tutorials make it easy for you to integrate ViewPort with your spin program. This overview starts with the spin code of the first 3 tutorials and shows how to use ViewPorts main views: Welcome, DSO (digital storage oscilloscope) and LSA (logic state analyzer).(4 Minutes)

ViewPort Client Kit

ViewPort makes it easy to monitor and change variables running live in a Propeller program. This video shows several examples on how to integrate with ViewPort- including: python, c#,, and Excel. (9 Minutes)

Fuzzy Logic Engine

Landing gently on the moon is a good application of a fuzzy logic controller. ViewPort includes an object that implements a fuzzy logic engine which is controlled graphically from your PC. Watch the video to learn about the physics simulation and fuzzy logic controller included in ViewPort’s lunar lander tutorial. (4 Minutes)

Spectrum Analyzer

ViewPort includes a powerful spectrum analyzer in the “Analog” view. This video shows how to use it analyze a square wave generated by a spin program running on the Propeller. (2 Minutes)

ViewPort Designer

ViewPort’s views are defined by xml files that place widget’s onscreen. ViewPort’s built-in graphical designer lets you customize or create new views.(3 Minutes)

Building a New Plugin for ViewPort

ViewPort is easily extensible with its Plugin architecture. You can add additional functionality with dll’s, new views with xml files, and provide help content. All items are packaged into a vpc file that can be downloaded and managed within ViewPort. (2 Minutes)

Integrating Spin Files with ViewPort

It’s easy to integrate programs written for the Propeller with ViewPort. ViewPort is a powerful visual debugger that lets you analyze the state of the Propeller IO pins and variable values with simulated instruments like an Oscilloscope and a Logic State Analyzer. (3 Minutes)

Vision Processing

My local robot club had a line-following theme the other night so I taught DanceBot to follow lines using computer vision. The video signal from a miniature camera is digitized and processed by DanceBot??s Propeller with the ViewPort Vision object to guide it along a black line. During development, the video signal was streamed to ViewPort. (3 Minutes)